Parent Testimonials 

Hasan Namruti


I have had the privilege of being Chairperson of the Playschool for 10 years and my wife is Debbie Namruti one of the amazing practitioners. The school has helped countless children including our own son get ready for school. The reason I give up my time for free is because I know what a great place it is.

Abington Vale Playschool is a Reg'd charity that has been opened for over 50 Years at the heart of our community. The staff care and love all the children like their own and it is a great place for children to learn and grow.

Kelvin Casson 

What a wonderful team they have, absolutely superb! All my daughters attended this preschool and we are so glad we made the right decision. All the staff are lovely always keeping us in the loop with progress and activities. I will always recommend this preschool to all parents.

Michelle O'Hanlon


Both of my children have attended this playschool, we loved it, from the warm loving feeling to the extra support needed for my daughter, Debbie and her team have been amazing, supporting us at speech therapy appointments and hospital appointments for my daughter due to a gross motor delay, they have helped her in so many ways, and the progress she made in her time at playschool was truly amazing, to which I’m so grateful for.
The transition from both my children being at home with me to then starting playschool was never going to be easy but the care they provided and the love my children were shown made it easier, highly recommend Abington vale playschool!!

Astrid Hilton

I can't recommend this playschool highly enough. All 5 of my children attended and now my grandchildren are going too. There is always so much for the children to do, such a variety of activities - painting, sand and water play, playdough, a quiet area for reading books and a home corner which changes often including a kitchen, hairdressers, post office etc. There's an outside area/garden with slides and a pirate ship amongst other items - it's a great area for the children to run around in and let off steam!
The staff are lovely, very caring with the children, very dedicated, very approachable and always ready to listen to any concerns we have as parents/grandparents.

Nadia Rahman


My daughters have attended this playschool for the last year and all we can say is we are more than happy for choosing this nursery, as it has taught them all the skills and basic knowledge a toddler needs. They have enjoyed every single day and has never come home with an issue. The facilities and environment is very friendly which keep the children well occupied. Staff are very helpful, always there whenever you need them! All members of staff are especially considerate and thoughtful towards the children which is nice to see. Hopefully this playschool gets the recognition it deserves as it was a wonderful experience for the kids.

Nichola Richardson


We can not fault the staff enough for the care and nurture they provided for our son. Whilst in their care he was loved and cared for as if he was their child. Debbie, the manager, is caring, hardworking and will provide the best for the children in her care as well as managing the staff and day to day running of the playschool.
On reading the recent review left and working in a Secondary School I know the importance of referring concerns and the upset it causes although this is something we have to do and it shows if nothing more that the Playschool are following the guidelines in place to protect children.

Teresa Butlerhenderson


This Playschool is by far the best in Northamptonshire. The care and attention provided by staff is second to none.
My son has attended this playschool and was always extremely happy, which as a parent is extremely reassuring. The staff are amazing and go out of their way for both pupils and parents which makes life so much easier and gives total confidence whilst in their care.
I would definitely recommend this playschool to anyone thinking of leaving their children here. Debbie has always been and continues to be a credit to this playschool.

Sadie Darlow

My daughter attends Abington Vale Playschool and I cannot fault the staff or the setting.
I would recommend this setting to anyone looking to send their child to a preschool.
My daughter was very hard to settle at previous settings but always has a great time here and I know that the staff are attentive and look after her well while she is in their care.
I will be sending my youngest to the Playschool too when she is old enough and I hope the same staff remain as they are all so friendly and fun and all the kids enjoy spending time with them.
Keep up the good work Abington Vale Playschool. *****